Private parades and functions: we don’t publish where these events will take place or who they are for.

Public events: will be published/posted (generally on social media) …”like” or “follow” us on social media to stay up-to-date. (icons located at the bottom of each page)

Past Performances:

Jazz Fest (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival)

French Quarter Festival (multiple times)

International Jazz Festival, Mexico (multiple times)

Niagara Grape and Wine Festival, St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada

Venice, Italy (private Venetian castle) …large home on the main water-way.

Superdome, New Orleans (many times)

Convention Center New Orleans (Many times and every room, meeting space, hall(s), foyer, theater, etc.)

Mardi Gras World … too many times to remember. On both West Band and East Bank!

Creole Queen and Cajun Queen Paddle-wheeler and Riverboat, almost eight years, 7-nights-a-week with four bands nightly, until they entered into Bankruptcy after Hurricane Katrina and legally took 5+K from a hard working band-leader/musician …wonderful business laws USA and a truly outstanding company that cares about the little guy (do you hear the humor and sarcasm) …by the way, we paid all of our musicians in full.

Istanbul, Turkey: New Orleans music and food celebration for 14 days. …beautiful, vibrant city. A drummers haven if you like hand made/crafted cymbals? (Istanbul Agop, hand-made Turkish cymbals)

Every hotel ballroom, meeting room, dining room, lobby and event space in the city of New Orleans. …we’ve played them all.

City Park, Lakefront, down by the riverside, Tchoupoulas, Magazine, St. Charles Ave., Bourbon Street to Frenchmen Street, Rampart, Poydras and even down Canal Street with over 5,000 people! The Convention Center (every room, lobby, Hall and escalator) to Convention Center Blvd. The Elms Mansion to tiny side street parks. The Degas House to the Wax museum. The NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art) to the Pavilion of Two Sisters. Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Jewish …places of worship to reception halls in every corner of New Orleans. Cemeteries, Mausoleums, to grave sites and ashes-in-the-wind. Back rooms at the Monteleone (with dancing girls from Bourbon Street), to balconies over-looking every street in the French Quarter. Jackson Square (inside the square with three or four bands all performing at the same time!) Whew, those were the good ‘ol days!

You name it, we’ve played it!

Book a brass band for your event today and create memories to last. This is the sort of event that 20 years from now will still bring a smile to everybody’s face.